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Walking Trails Support Group NEWSLETTER Winter 2007

Volume 5, Issue 1
Our motto: Reliable and sustainable access to natural areas
identifying landmarks helps you understand the view
identifying landmarks helps you understand the view
City of Burnside - Long Ridge and Mount Osmond in autumn
waymarking upgraded, including installation of additional checkpoints with maps and a landmark direction plate on Long Ridge viewpoint
Counting provides a rough idea of use
Counters provide a rough idea of use: do you have time to sit and count?
Counting People
with Trackers provided by courtesy of Walking SA and Friends of the Heysen Trail user numbers are monitored monthly in Hale and Warren Conservation Parks, Chambers Gully and on the Pioneer Women's Trail on Mount Osmond
no surprise that the plot of usage is the inverse of monthly temperatures!
Walking Tracks Handbook
It's good to document and share ideas
We won an award!
Friends of Parks Inc. have seen fit to make awards to the Group for the style of its Newsletter and the project of producing Walking Trail Handbook
Thanks to the editors!
Wilkawillina sediments
Natural gullies, but were these 10 000 year old Wlikawillina sediments carried by wind or water?
Flinders Ranges National Park in May
DEH agreed to fund extra checkpoint maps and landmark identifiers to complete waymarking on Haywards Huts Hike Network. We had them in place within two weeks!
The three walks were checked and ‘stitch in time’ clearing of cross drains reduced erosion impacts of heavy rain after a long dry.
trailhead maintenance
People are generous but they like to know their contributions are secure and applied appropriately
Northern Flinders Ranges - May-June
all tracks checked, except Acacia Ridge – well-used because Arkaroola ferry walkers to the start
supplied and installed secure donation bollards which the group will service and make funds available to DEH for leaflet reprinting (donations popped in before they were complete!)
the group had the Weetootla Hike Network interpretive leaflet brought up to date and reprinted
Carriage on the Pichi Richi train
Mount Brown is significant for both indiginous and more recent arrivals
Dutchmans Stern and Mount Brown
work scheduled 24 June to 2 July
routine checking, clearing fallen trees and track work
some waymarking of the Heysen Trail through Waukarie Creek to complete
replacing the ‘temporary markers’ installed following the 1996 fire on Mount Brown
Carriage on the Pichi Richi train
Checking and cleaning the leaflet box at Terrapinna - geckoes call them home! Mount Babbage beckons on the horizon.
Eighth Annual General Meeting
Friday 7 December 5.30 pm at 71 Osmond Terrace Norwood – followed by a simple dinner – partners welcome
ideas, photos and text are welcome for the newsletter
this newsletter format aims to provides a simple way to maintain a record of what we do

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