Updated to 28 June 2015

Flinders Ranges Bush Walks 2015 maintenance program
Coming work trips

Hope springs eternal etc.  We have just completed a particularly successful work period on the Dutchman’s Stern:

Please use the link to the ‘whither’ WalkingSA survey


Increasing Visitor Awareness of Flinders Ranges Bush Walks

We are all aware from those we meet in the Ranges that many are not aware of the walks until they happen upon a trailhead with information. We are therefore in the process of developing ways to improve things.

We are exploring the following initiatives based on our perception of what is needed and we have a little headway with some:

FRBW leaflets

Northern Flinders      17 to 28 August, dates include two travel days. There is also the opportunity to overnight at Oraparinna 15 August en route

Italowie, Weetootla, Oppaminda Nudlamutana, Arkaroola walks and Terrapinna Tors

Central Flinders      20 July to 31 July.  Dates include two travel days

Wilcolo, Bunyeroo Gorge, Yuluna, Aroona Youngoona, Trezona and Wilkawillina,
Southern Flinders

Wooltana Cave

Wilkawillina Gorge
Wild Thing